Royal Siam

Stockton, CA

Chef and Owner, Wasuma (Nee) Johnson, is from Khonburi, Thailand. Khonburi is a small town located in northeastern Thailand, about 300km (186 miles) from Bangkok. Chef Nee has loved food since early childhood. Starting around the age of 10, Nee’s culinary style has been greatly influenced by memories made in the kitchen and over meals with her large, close-knit family.

Recognizing her interest in cooking had become a true passion, it was little surprise that this rising hometown star found her way to the United States.

Chef Nee explains, “Thai cuisine has four basic flavors; sweet, sour, salty, and spiciness.”

Chef Nee has perfected her personal style over the past 25 years by drawing on a wide range of cultural culinary influences and sharing her formidable skills. Chef Nee has used her culinary education to blend “old” Thai cuisine and culture into a more “modern” Thai cuisine.

“The United States is blessed with such a unique blend of cultures, and nowhere is this melting pot more evident, than right here in Stockton.”